Anavyssosς, 22/10/2021

Assessment of ecological flow with the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and sonar equipment, considering the needs of fish fauna – Flowtech

Information regarding the FlowTech research project. The research project started in March 2021 and will have a total duration of three years. The main priority of the project is the estimation of environmental water in rivers, by incorporating innovative practices, in order yo ensure the sustainability of the ecosystems and organisms of inland and transitional water bodies, as well as the societies that rely on them.

The implementation of the project is based on the development of mathematical algorithms through photogrammetry and image analysis techniques, focusing on specific fish fauna indicator species, using unmanned systems of imagery acquisition.

Watch and read mored information through the project’s website [1], and follow its actions on social media [2].

[1] https://flowtech.hcmr.gr/
[2] https://twitter.com/FlowTech_gr, https://www.facebook.com/FlowTech.hcmr

The FlowTech project is funded under the 2st Call for Research Projects ELIDEK (HFRI, Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation) for the support of Post-doctoral researchers bythe General Secretariat of Research and Technology (GSRT) within the scientific research area for the Environment and Energy (Project ID: 454).

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