D1.1Team organization processesWP1Month 3
D1.2Annual progress reportWP1Month 12
D1.3Annual progress reportWP1Month 24
D1.4Annual progress reportWP1Month 36
D2.1Fish habitat database with the requirements of the selected fish species and size classes with respect to water depth, velocity and substrate typeWP2Month 23
D2.2Selection of representative river reaches using UAVs-UVsWP2Month 23
D2.3Physical habitat simulation approach for the estimation of fish habitat requirementsWP2Month 23
D3.1Development of the fish Habitat Simulation CurvesWP3Month 31
D3.2Hydrodynamic modeling developmentWP3Month 31
D4.1Development of environmental flow guidelinesWP4Month 36
D4.2Weighed Useable Area (WUA) resultsWP4Month 36
D5.1Press releasesWP5Month 36
D5.2NewslettersWP5Month 36


M1Digital Terrain Models (DTMs)WP2Month 18publication in the project site
M2Fish Habitat Suitability CurvesWP3Month 28added in a relevant tool with free access hosted in IMBRIW-HCMR site
M3Logo and Social media KitWP5Month 6go online in the internet
M4WebsiteWP5Month 12go online in the internet
M51st Publication submitWP5Month 33Editors submission confirmation email